IMAP vs POP3 - How to Email in the 21st Century

POP is bad. IMAP is good.


Add Your OTHER email services to Postbox Using IMAP

To set up your Postbox to work with OTHER email servicesOTHER email services:

  • Enable IMAP in OTHER email services
  1. When you first launch Postbox, it should take you to the New Account Setup page. If it does not, or you are adding an additional account, click on File > New >Mail Account
other postbox image1
  • Provide your Name and Email address, then click Manual Setup
other postbox image2
  • But as usual like Gmail/Yahoo and AOL for the other mail accounts it's difficult to find out your mail server
other postbox image3
  • Simply go to and type your email address into the Signup box on Sanebox to find out your mail server
other postbox image4
  • Sanebox will helps you to find out your mail server
  • Now we need to manually enter in our settings (what we get from the sanebox)
other postbox image5
  • Type your password and press OK
other postbox image6